Garden Downsizing
With the first sign of good weather, thoughts turn to outdoor projects and placing all of our indoor would-a, should-a, could-a projects on the back burner.
There's just so much to do and only a few short months in which to get it all done.
Whether your garden in on a balcony of a condo tower, in a shared space or in your very own backyard, it’s exciting when the flowers start blooming!
Summertime and the livin' is easy! It's a great time to lighten-up.
At Downsizing Diva, we always talk about downsizing and many of the principles that apply to work done INSIDE the house can also be applied OUTSIDE!
The Diva's SEVEN steps to downsizing your garden...
  1. IDENTIFY growing things you don’t want and just keep the good stuff!
  2. SELECT an area to work on. Focus on that area until you’re finished.
  3. STAY motivated by stepping back and surveying the work you’ve done.
  4. ENCOURAGE family members and friends to pitch in and help.
  5. ASSESS your progress by the number of bags or boxes you've filled.
  6. CREATE space to showcase the treasures you have decided to keep!
  7. BE SELECTIVE about adding any new treasures to the space.
Happy Gardening!
 simply yours...
Karen Shinn

Karen Shinn

Downsizing Diva Co-Founder. Toronto East & North York

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