Is transitioning to a new lifestyle on your mind?
Are you visiting retirement residences and wondering how to make the transition from the home you have lived in for years?

It can be overwhelming and emotional. You may have years of memories and lots of stuff in your home so, there’s lots of work to be done.  

Moving can also provide you with additional support for your day-to-day activities; perhaps transitioning to an assisted living community is the right choice for you.   

For more than 20 years, Downsizing Diva has helped seniors and their families downsize their homes and transition to retirement residences or assisted living communities. We do this with care, compassion and a little comedy too.   

Here are some things to think about as you consider transitioning to a retirement residence or an assisted living community.


As you prepare for the move, you’re bound to discover things you had long forgotten, like photographs from days gone by, favourite music, special knickknacks and vintage clothes. When you take time to share some of these treasures with family and friends, you may be surprised at the reactions you get as you celebrate the good times… together!


It’s one of our favourite sayings and the BEST reason to duplicate areas of your existing home in your new home. Look for your “special nest” area – a place where you feel comfortable and relaxed. When you create the floor plan for your new place, incorporate as many aspects of your “nest” as you can – a chair, a table, a lamp, a pillow, a box of Kleenex… get the idea? Your goal is to create a cozy space where you are relaxed and feel at home… again!


A huge part of your move preparation will be the downsizing and packing bits. Minimize distractions by packing items that are INSIDE cabinets, closets and cupboards first. Out of sight really is out of mind. By keeping the BIG picture, the same for as long as you can, you will feel less anxious about what’s going on.


The last thing you want to do is add the stress of downsizing and moving to an already busy “to-do” list.  Call Downsizing Diva, the downsizing and moving specialists. They understand the stress you’re going through and can make the transition easier for you and your family.

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What our clients have to say.
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The time had come, for my 92 year old Mother to move to a Retirement Residence. She worried about, how to pack all her belongings, what to do with unneeded furniture, small appliances, dishes, and linens etc. Downsizing Diva came to our rescue and made it all happen!

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Thank you for all your effort and commitment in helping my father with his transition from his house to retirement living. Your professionalism in working with him, the planning, organizing and how quickly you made it all happen without a glitch. Amazing. It truly speaks volumes of you and your team. Thanks again to you and your awesome team!

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Thanks to you and your team. As I said - you were our Downsizing Angels. Thank you for everything you did to get my parents settled into their new retirement residence. It has been a stressful time for our family and your team has made such a difference in lifting such a heavy weight during a difficult time. THANK YOU!