Cottage Living

For many of us, spending time at the cottage means relaxing and unwinding and leaving the stress of city living behind.

But, when you arrive at your cottage, take a good look around. Has your cottage become a holding area for all the stuff you didn’t want, use or need at home? Was it easier to load all these surplus items into the car on a Friday evening than get rid of it in the city?

If you have decided to simplify your home, don’t relocate your clutter to your cottage! We all have too much stuff and this summer would be a great time to continue your downsizing efforts at the cottage! As Downsizing Diva says... “start small, but start now!”

Here are a few ideas of where to start...

BOOKS: Do you really need all of those books in your bookshelves? Take a good look and consider donating some old favorites to Goodwill, Salvation Army or a charitable organization. Reading is a relaxing cottage activity, so this summer, share the books with your guests and encourage them to take home a few.

LOTIONS AND POTIONS: Check the medicine cabinet and bathroom drawers. Package all medications and ointments that have past their “best-before” date and take them to your local transfer station. Sunscreen with SPF is not as effective if it has passed its expiry date.MUGS AND GLASSES: How many coffee mugs and wine glasses do you really need? Select your family favorites and donate the rest!

PLASTIC CONTAINERS: You’re only going to keep so many left-overs! Start by recyclingcontainers without matching lids and only keep containers that stack inside the others. Storage space is always at a premium, so don’t waste it with all kinds of containers that tumble out every time the cupboard door opens.

TOOLS: Cottage living may mean puttering in the garden or tackling home improvementprojects and nothing is more frustrating than not having the right tools to do the job. Check the shed and tool box and make sure everything is available and in good repair.

TOWELS: Toss towels that are faded, frayed and falling apart. But don’t just throw them out – donate them to a local Vet’s office or Humane Society. As we Divas say... “the dogs don’t care what the towels look like!”

These FOUR organizing rules will help simplify cottage life this summer...

 1. Keep only items you use or wear

 2.  Store “like with like”

 3.  Have frequently used items easily accessible.

 4. Remember the old saying... a place for everything and everything in its place.


Enjoy the cottage and...lighten-UP!

You don't have to tackle your clutter alone. Reach out to Downsizing Diva for specialized downsizing support for older adults.

Karen Shinn

Karen Shinn

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