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Finally… the first official day of Spring has arrived. Days are longer and the sun is chasing away those chilly days of winter. Many of us approach spring with the urge to do some serious spring cleaning and bring more lightness into our home! This year, before you Spring clean, we suggest you take time and Spring CLEAR!


At Downsizing Diva there’s one thing we know for sure…we all have too much stuff! “I’m keeping it because I MIGHT use it one day” is a trap and we’re often at a loss as to how to let go of sentimental treasures. Most of our stuff is boxed in the basement, in corners of closets or tucked away in the attic. This is a glorious opportunity to lighten up!


TOP FIVE TIPS to kick start your Spring CLEARing:

  1. START SMALL, BUT START NOW!  Most people don’t start downsizing because it feels overwhelming. Instead of thinking about your entire house, focus on one small space -- kitchen junk drawer, under the bathroom sink or the linen closet -- and start there. Finishing a small project gives you a sense of accomplishment and helps you move on to another project. You’re on a roll!


  1. DON’T SAVE THINGS FOR GOOD. Keep everything you have used recently but be selective about the ‘maybe’ items. Don’t want, use or need something – release it!  Love your “good china” – use it! Take your favourite jewellery out of the safety deposit box – wear it! Don’t deny yourself everyday these pleasures!


  1. FIND A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING.  Once you have edited all of your treasures, it’s time to find the best places to showcase them. Clutter is created when you don’t return things to where they belong. When everything has its own landing place, you’ll find it easier to find things when you need them. You’ll never again wonder where you put your glasses, your keys, or your important papers!


  1. BE A GENEROUS GIVER.  Family shelters, charity shops and furniture banks can get surplus items to people who will use them. Make a monthly donation or recycling date with yourself and continue paring down and clearing your home of unwanted stuff. When surplus items are recycled, donated, or passed along to a friend or family member, you give ‘safe passage’ and make letting go of sentimental items easier. It’s a win-win!


  1. REVIEW YOUR WARDROBE SEASONALLY. Each new season brings an opportunity to review your wardrobe. When you pack up your winter clothes, take time to carefully go through them. Make sure they are clean and in good repair. Keep clothes you feel absolutely fabulous wearing and donate the rest. When the seasons change… you will be ready!

Lighten-up… it’s SPRING!!

Karen Shinn

Karen Shinn

Downsizing Diva Co-Founder. Toronto East & North York

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