We are living in interesting times.

No one alive today has ever experienced something like this COVID-19 pandemic. We are navigating our way, with the information we have at hand, and we are doing the very best we can.

The guidelines are simple - stay home, stay safe and do everything you can to keep your family, yourselves and your community healthy.

While we are spending long days at home, it appears a lot of us are taking some of our time to downsize and get organized - and we couldn't be happier!

Sometimes, just the thought of downsizing can be OverWhelming and often the biggest challenge is figuring out where to start!

At Downsizing Diva, we help people take the OW out of dOWnsizing! 

That's why we created our interactive Diva Downsizing Wheel - a wheel-y fun way to figure out where to start letting go of your stuff!


  1. CLICK to connect to our Diva Downsizing Wheel.
  2. SPIN the wheel and you will know where to start.
  3. START to release things you no longer want, use or need.
  4. Put your surplus treasures in boxes or bags so you can be ready to donate or sell them when the current situaton changes.
  5. REPEAT 1-4.
Karen Shinn

Karen Shinn

Downsizing Diva Co-Founder. Toronto East & North York

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