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Downsizing Diva has been helping people get organized and downsize for over 20 years. One of the most challenging collections we deal with would have to be pictures – hard copy, digital AND slides!  

When asked what people would save in the event of a fire or flood, right after family members and pets is…family photos.  

However, many of these treasured photos are in albums, bags, boxes, and drawers throughout the house. With the invention of the digital camera, millions more images are stored on cameras, computers, phones, memory sticks and CDs.  

If you are thinking about organizing your photos, the best time to start is NOW!  

The Diva’s NINE Steps to Photo Organizing:  

  • LOCATE all your photos.  
  • SORT photos by creating a clear workspace. 
  • REVIEW each photo before deciding what to do with it.  
  • DISCARD photos that are fuzzy, out-of-focus, duplicates ...  
  • CATEGORIZE photos by theme – Birthdays, Weddings, Vacations, Graduations...  
  • IDENTIFY people in the photos with full names (not just ME), date, occasion, and location.  
  • SHOWCASE your collection in photo-safe storage boxes, themed photobooks, on slide shows to commemorate family milestones...  
  • BACK-UP photos and keep family memories intact for future generations.  
  • SHARE! After all your hard work is done, it’s time for some fun. Plan to share your photo project with family members and start/continue the conversations.  

REMEMBER… the person who assumes responsibility for editing family photos becomes the official family historian which means you can document events as you recall them. The Diva suggests YOU just keep the photos of YOU that make YOU look fabulous while holding on to photos of others that show the funny/wacky/not so glamorous side of them! 

Add photo organizing to your TO DO list and you’ll be taking the first step towards documenting your priceless family history!  

Get the picture? 

Karen Shinn

Karen Shinn

Downsizing Diva Co-Founder. Toronto East & North York

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