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A month or two ago, when you were looking to create space for decorations, many items that resided on shelves and tables were removed and stored for the holiday season.

With the hectic pace of the holidays left behind, January presents a wonderful opportunity to move towards simpler living.

It is time to de-decorate! What would happen if you only replaced half of the items on shelves and tables? If you are willing to accept the challenge, it could be an easy first step to simplifying your home.

Start by removing everything from one shelf and putting back just the items you want to showcase. Items not going back are “past their best- before-date” and can be placed in boxes for sharing or donating. Continue the process with shelves and tables throughout the house.

Over the years of helping people downsize, move and clear estates, we have discovered that once you begin the process, it gets easier with each item you let go.

Some treasures have “heart value” and hold special meanings for family members. When you no longer want to have something in your home, perhaps someone else in your family would love to have it in theirs. Other items have “dollar value” and willing buyers may be searching the pages of kijiji, craigslist or ebay anxiously looking to buy them. How much better does it get? Sometimes you can downsize AND make money!

Downsizing Diva reality check… most things you think are worth money are not and some things you think aren’t worth anything could be.

When you do connect your surplus items with a willing buyer, there is a possibility you could be pleasantly surprised at the money you might make. Selling items you no longer want, use or need is not a sure thing and it is getting more challenging as the years go by.

Here’s to a simpler life…by letting go of one item at a time!

Karen Shinn

Karen Shinn

Downsizing Diva Co-Founder. Toronto East & North York

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