Over the past 20+ years in the “downsizing business”, we have compiled an impressive list of resources to help clients deal with stuff they no longer want, use, or need. 

Everyone has their own definition of excess stuff. To some, it is the pay stubs, the utility bills, and the paperwork. To others, it’s shelves of books. Still others say it is the accessories and furniture they have inherited and now store in their attic or basement. 

The first step in downsizing is to identify items that are surplus to your family’s needs. The next step is to take the necessary action to get them out of your space!  

ANTIQUES AND COLLECTIBLES:  Art, accessories, and furniture that you don’t want, could be of interest to dealers and consignment shops. Take photos and measurements of the items and email them to an online appraisal company who will provide an idea of the value of the items stored in your basement or attic. Remember… what you think is valuable may not be; what you think is not worth anything, could be.

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BOOKS: The easiest way to downsize your home library is to donate books to a not-for-profit organization or charity. If you think some of your books are valuable, check out AbeBooks, a Canadian company that currently lists more than 100 million books for sale, online. Enter the book name and/or author and you may be surprised to find what your book is worth.   

PERSONAL PAPERWORK: The key word here is “personal”. Shred all paperwork containing financial information or your SIN number. No exceptions! This information is exactly what “identity thieves” are looking for. Don’t make it easy for someone to steal your information. For small amounts of shredding, home shredders work best; for larger quantities, professional shredding companies will take care of the project.  

LOOKING FOR AN INCENTIVE TO DOWNSIZE?  Perhaps an online search of these websites will motivate you to check your attic, basement, and garage to see what other treasures you may uncover! 

Karen Shinn

Karen Shinn

Downsizing Diva Co-Founder. Toronto East & North York

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