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As women of few words, we often use the expression “PITCH, PATCH, PASS ALONG” to describe the downsizing process. 

PITCH means letting go of the things you no longer want, use or need. Of course, some of these things will be discarded, but, more often than not, they will be given to family or friends, donated or even possibly sold.   

PATCH is fix. Sew on a missing button, repair a broken pane of glass, change a light switch –just do whatever has to be done to make the item usable again. If you’re going to use the item, keep it if not, PITCH it. 

Next, is the PASS-ALONG part meaning if you aren’t using something, give it to someone who will use it”. 

I was helping a client downsize and we were in the process of sorting things into piles. One pile was for donation and my client was using the term “pass-along” so gently that it seemed to take on an entirely different meaning. Her words were words I’d heard hundreds of times before, but just the way she said them made all the difference. Her expression, “I’d like to pass this along” came from a place of sharing and generosity which elevated the action of putting things in the donation box, to a noble act!  

When I got back to the office, I was so impressed that I had to share my experience. I was reminded that we use the expression all the time, but at that moment I realized I had not been using the words using the same tone. Without “I’d like to...” in front of it, the action of passing along became an impersonal step in the downsizing process.  

So, the next time you’re faced with an overflowing closet or a kitchen drawer that just won’t close, or a garage that no longer has space for your car...think about it! Is there someone you would like to share some of your extra stuff with?  If the amount of stuff you own is getting out of control, start small and take the Diva “Pass-along” Challenge... 

At the beginning of the month, find a sturdy cardboard box. Put ONE item in the box each day to pass-along. At the end of the month, you’ll have THIRTY-ONE items to pass-along.  It’s a win-win – you lighten-up and someone else gets something they want, use and need.  

Karen Shinn

Karen Shinn

Downsizing Diva Co-Founder. Toronto East & North York

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