Never in my life had I seen a basement work so hard for a home-owner.  It sported a pool table, a wall unit, comfy sofa and chairs, half a dozen garment racks filled with half a dozen decades of favoured garments, a wine cellar, a tool room, an office, a pantry, overflow storage for shoes, grandmother's dishes, paper files, office supplies, photo albums, family archives, supplies to do with entertaining, gardening, gift-wrapping, flower-arranging, photo-framing, and of course, seasonal decorations.  It now stands empty.  The challenge further down the road, will be to come up with discrete storage in a dwelling that may not have a basement, and to accommodate on-going activities and interests.  I learned a lesson about how to do this at a birthday party in Copenhagen some years ago, one wall entirely filled with floor-to-ceiling cabinetry, just like you see here.  Nobody had a basement in this classic Danish five-story multi-family housing co-op!    

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