These days seems everyone we talk to is either going on a trip or returning from one!

Watch people at airports and bus depots struggle with multiple suitcases and packages and you can begin to see how important it is to...LIGHTEN UP before you travel!


  • Create a Travel Checklist.
  • Include everything you think you will need on your vacation.
  • Pinterest has some good suggestions to get you started...
  • Check off items as you pack them.
  • Keep a copy of this list, in case your luggage goes missing and they ask for an inventory of what you packed.


  • Consider the activities you'll be involved in while you're on vacation.
  • Walking or hiking requires comfortable shoes and clothes that can be layered.
  • A cruise vacation may demand casual and formal attire.
  • Road trips allow you to take along more "just-in-case" items, while travelling by plane or ship is so much easier with fewer suitcases.
  • Check the weather before you do your final pack.
  • Include appropriate clothes, shoes... and rain gear, if necessary.
  • Most hotels provide hairdryers, lotions + potions... Save space - don't pack duplicates.


  • When you return from your trip, take stock of all of the items you packed, but didn't wear or use.
  • Make a note of these items and put the note in your suitcase so you don't make the same mistake next trip!
  • When you're packing for vacation...take half as many clothes and twice as much money!
Karen Shinn

Karen Shinn

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