New Year

Even if you are not one to make New Year’s Resolutions, January is still seen as a time of new beginnings and a good time to make changes. Here are some ways – both practical and inspirational -- to bring about positive change in your life in the year ahead.


Look Back and Celebrate You

This is a perfect time to reflect on your achievements. Too often, we focus on how much we must do or what we could have done better.

Start this new year by making a list of all the things you accomplished last year. Imagine how much better you will feel about the coming year when you see yourself as the capable, competent person you are. Your successes can be big and small, internal and external. Each success brightened your day at the time and reviewing them will have you glowing with pride.


Give Your Home a Fresh Start

As you pack and store the holiday decorations and replace them with your customary photographs, plants, candles and other home décor items, take time to edit your “stuff”.

Are the photos still relevant? Do some candles look old and tired? Now is a good time to make a few changes and give your home a fresh look. A couple of new cushions can update an aging sofa and a different lampshade can make a light look like new. The most important element of starting fresh is making sure that the things you have on display are things you really enjoy.


Out With the Old

Gifts and post-holiday purchases need space in your home – a place of their own. If you follow the one-in-one-out rule, you will have no problem putting away these new treasures to keep your home and your life streamlined and organized.

Whether it’s a shirt, a book or a toaster -- when a new item comes into your home, it’s time to let go of an old one. Consider green alternatives and reduce, reuse, recycle. By donating your surplus items, you will be giving them “safe passage” and providing a gift to some who will use it and enjoy it. It’s a win-win!

                                                                           Happy New Year!

Karen Shinn

Karen Shinn

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