When you think “downsizing” and remember that “one person’s trash can be someone else’s treasure”, you open yourself to the possibilities of re-cycling items you no longer want, use or need. Who know, you might even make a bit of money in the process!  

Whether you are moving, or not, simplifying your home and letting go of things that no longer fit your lifestyle is a task that is best done in small steps. Start small. Start NOW!  

Ask about an auction. 

Sending items to auction seems like an easy and convenient way to deal with your extra treasures. An Auction House sorts, packs, and picks up your stuff (cartage charges apply) and transports it to a central location for a scheduled sale. The price you get depends on who shows up for the auction, what they're interested in buying and what the commission split is.  

Consider a contents sale.

A Contents Sale is like a garage sale but held in your house or online and conducted by someone else. The cost is usually based on a commission split, so it is to everyone's advantage to sell your unwanted items for as much as possible.  

Deal with a dealer. 

There are no shortage of people looking to buy your stuff…at their price! Dealers visit your house, look at items you want to sell and make you an offer. Keep in mind, the dealer knows some of your stuff will sell and some will not. The price the dealer suggests enables him/her to make a profit and you to get rid of your stuff quickly. If the offer includes a complete clear out of your house, you aren’t faced with cartage and disposal costs.  

Go with a garage sale. 

Garage sales can be a great way to meet your neighbours but not always the best way to make money. Garage sales are time-consuming, labour-intensive, weather-dependent and require you to negotiate the selling price with your neighbours. If you're still emotionally involved with your stuff, a garage sale might not be the best recipe for financial success.  

Investigate the internet. 

Post items for donation or sale, at little or no cost, on a number of websites, like eBay, craigslist, Facebook Marketplace or Kijiji. You just need time and a bit of technical knowledge.  


What you think is worth money, often isn't; 
what you think is junk, could be worth something.  

The only solution is to search for interested buyers and find out what they're willing to pay for your unwanted stuff. 

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Karen Shinn

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