So you've decided to move and you're ready to take steps to simplify your stuff!

  1. PITCH! Get rid of obvious garbage.
  2. PICK! Remember you want furniture to fit your home not overwhelm it!
  3. PACK! Remember the heavier the box, the higher the risk of damaged items in transit.
  4. PASS ALONG... items you no longer want, use or need to your favorite charity.
  5. PURGE! Be ruthless! Simplify! Organize! Lighten-up! Downsize!
  6. PAMPER yourself! Getting organized can be physically and emotionally draining... schedule time to relax.
  7. PUT names and dates on the backs of all photographs so your treasured pictures become heirlooms, not just old photos!
  8. PAUSE and take time to check books, pockets and under shelves. We find stuff in the strangest places!
  9. PLAN to surround yourself with things you love and treasure. We don't own anything forever, we're only caretakers!
  10. PACE yourself! Enjoy finding things you haven't seen in ages - old photos, greeting cards and love letters!
  11. Call Downsizing Diva - and prepare to be amazed!

Find your local diva so you know who to call.

Karen Shinn

Karen Shinn

Downsizing Diva Co-Founder. Toronto East & North York

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