Springtime Activity Tips for Seniors

Ring in Spring the Diva Way! As the weather warms up and nature comes to life, spring is a season filled with opportunities for seniors to enjoy new activities and soak up the sunshine. Here are some ideas on how to embrace the season:   

1. Stay Active Safely: Engage in outdoor activities that match your activity and fitness levels. Walking and tai chi are great options for those of us looking to maintain strength, balance, and flexibility. Start slowly and gradually increase intensity to avoid overexertion. For those of us that want to stay social, springtime often brings the return of local sports leagues too! Pickleball and lawn bowling are great options that are popular with athletes of all ages.  

2. Community Garden Projects: Joining a community garden can help foster a sense of connection with other volunteers, and increase time spent outdoors. Watching a crop grow and feeding your neighbours is very rewarding!  

3. Volunteer Opportunities: Give back to your community by participating in volunteer opportunities tailored for seniors. Whether it’s helping at a local food bank, participating in a community clean-up project, or assisting at a fundraiser, volunteering fosters a sense of purpose and connection while making a positive impact.    

4. Arts and Crafts Workshops: Tap into your creative side by attending arts and crafts workshops offered by local community centers, seniors centers, or art shops. Choose an art form that is interesting to you, whether it be watercolours, pottery, or crafting. It is great for you to try something new!

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