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No matter how large your home is, you always seem to want more storage space. Seasonal items and infrequently used accessories are often the most challenging to store. Here are the Diva's FIVE favourite storage tips:  


  • In the kitchen, top shelves are the most difficult to access and should be used to store items that are seldom used.
  • Some things are decorative as well as functional.
  • Display these items on top of cabinets throughout your home.  

2. Think SQUARE!

  • To maximize drawer and shelf space, use square or rectangular boxes, instead of round ones.
  • Clearly label boxes so your treasures can be found quickly, when needed.
  • Decorative storage boxes can become accessories on shelves or under tables.

3. Think CUSTOM! 

  • Custom-built bookcases and shelving units utilize space more efficiently.
  • Bookcases provide decorative and hidden storage and act as focal points to complement your home’s architectural features.


  • Storage space exists where you least expect it. Consider opening up the area under the stairs and installing shelving units    there.
  • Bookcases, on either side of a fireplace, can be used to store books and showcase family treasures and keepsakes.
  • Closet organizers create more space and provide storage solutions in areas where everyone wants more space!  


  • There are some items that you only use occasionally. If friends own the same items, you can plan to share the items and the  storage space.
  • Maybe your family stores the fondue pot and your friends store the snowshoes.
  • This way, you have access to both items and your stuff is a phone call away    

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Instead of looking for more storage, consider owning less stuff!  

Karen Shinn

Karen Shinn

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