Arlene Stephenson has lived, worked and played in York Region for over 30 years.  

Arlene shares the experiences of many families with aging adults having provided respite care for members of her family and stepping in to help her father downsize, re-organize and relocate several times. 

She understands and can accommodate many of the challenges aging adults and their families experience and is uniquely experienced in dealing with mental health issues and aging.

Her attention to detail, energy and ever-present positive outlook will make your project a stress-free success!

Arlene and her team are helping people in the areas of Aurora, Newmarket, Richmond Hill and King Township and look forward to meeting and helping you!

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Barbara Dydyk Hamilton 

I am delighted to write a testimonial for you and your team! 

It was a year ago that I began to think about the process of moving.  It was a daunting thought as it involved downsizing and sorting and packing rooms filled with nostalgia. The move was to a home half the size of my original house and a two hour distance away.When I originally consulted with you you were supportive about the possibility of a move in a limited time frame; you had a viable plan and provided me with a schedule and a consistent team of women who would sort and pack with me and provide the necessary support. They were clearly aware of the traumatic aspects of downsizing and moving. 

The process went as you suggested it would and your team was low key, supportive and clear in direction.  They were also fun and interesting to talk with.  The process was not without its crises and challenges but your team was always there to keep the move going and to move me along.

In hindsight if it had not been for Downsizing Divas I think I would still be in my original home sorting through memorabilia stored in the cold room and feeling like I was stuck in an endless loop of sorting and packing. 

While the cost of your services was not inexpensive it was worth every penny.  You also assisted the move into our new home and initiated the unpacking of necessary supplies and setting up of beds and washrooms on the day of the move.  That was invaluable as it would have been very difficult to have started the move-in without your help, particularly in the time of Covid when offers of help from friends and relatives were problematic.  Your team took all of the necessary precautions and were of great assistance. 

In hindsight I am so very grateful to have learned of your services and to have been smart enough to use them.  You are an excellent, high-energy, optimistic, funny boss and chose equally high-energy, optimistic team members, who worship you and value your leadership and your love of folks and your knowledge of how to support them through a difficult transition. The service you provided was, in a word, excellent. 

Thank you and I hope that you stay committed to your work.  You do it so well and are much valued and appreciated by the people whom you work with. I am delighted by the opportunity to have worked with you.

Janet Peden

Downsizing Diva came to our rescue and made it all happen! The time had come, for my 92 year old Mother to move to a Retirement Residence.She worried about, how to pack all her belongings, what to do with unneeded furniture, small appliances, dishes and linens etc.

Downsizing Diva came to our rescue and made it all happen! They (Arlene) took the time to calmly explain the process, communicated regularly with updates and gave us competitive pricing.

It was a job well done! Mom was so impressed when she walked into her new suite, everything was in place, bed made and boxes unpacked.

We highly recommend the services of Downsizing Diva. We were completely satisfied with the results. Thank you so much!

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