I want to make a difference in the community that I live in by supporting older adults who need to downsize and change their living situation.

I was inspired to give back to my community after seeing my father go through a medical emergency. There is a real need for high quality, practical and physical help.

Becoming a Diva has given my life a new purpose. I'm passionate about what Downsizing Diva stands for and the much needed service we provide to older adults as senior transition specialists. I hope to reduce stress by working through this often overwhelming transition with them.

I really do understand how transitioning out of a family home, including the emotional impact on our clients and their families. The greatest reward of all is making a difference in helping clients who need the assistance.

I am always inspired by the look on my clients’ faces once we've lifted the burden of this transition from their shoulders.  I hope I can help make it easier by taking the weight off and reducing the stress levels for our clients.

simply yours...

In true Diva style, Maria combines understanding with compassion and a smile. As Maria likes to say, "To succeed in life you need three things: a backbone, a wishbone, and a funny bone".

Maria lives in Mississauga and, coming from the corporate world, she brings excellent skills such as organization, communication, client service and project management.

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Cathy - Personal Support Assistant
I would like to say how I respect what you do and particularly how respectful of Irene you were today. As well as Kathy. You were both so gentle and compassionate with her. The two gentlemen today that moved Irene interacted with her with humour and also understood her stress level with the move.  I don't think the move could have gone any better in the short time we had and under circumstances related to Covid-19. Your team performed exceptionally through these unprecedent times.  Please post on your website my message of thanks. I want to advice people how grateful I was to have worked along side with you.

Granddaughter - Marilyn
Want to send a big thank you for what you and your team did for my 95 year old grandfather. He was so pleased with your help. You all made the move process so easy for my grandfather. You and your team went above and beyond what we expected. I definitely recommend your company. Thank you.

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