Downsizing raises a lot of questions that need to be answered in a timely fashion. 

There is excitement and uncertainty as you try to imagine the new smaller dwelling and, at the same time, questions come tumbling in as to what might become of those things that are no longer needed.  It can be overwhelming!  Your unique situation and priorities will be front and centre during a transition like downsizing.  Downsizing Diva enjoys getting to know you and then sets about to guide and support you to focus on your priorities, stay organized, make decisions that suit you and to be completely prepared for your move day, in a “timely fashion!”     

About Gerine    

Having loved and worked in interior design for over 30 years, beauty and functionality are also front and centre of any satisfying downsizing transition.  Beauty was everywhere during my early years on the shores of Lake Huron, growing up in a home filled with art and flowers and music.  I bumped into the issue of functionality when my parents decided to upsize rather suddenly to a far-away town.  In those days, I think the opinions of children were sometimes skipped over a little too casually.  That experience gave me a deep insight into the need for conversation and collaboration.                

Like some of the other Divas, my first client was a parent:  my mother downsized gracefully into a smaller space after my father died.  Their hospitality had been legendary, and hers continued to shine, polished by friends and family, and reflected by my three (then) young sons, who continued to love sleeping over.  Having now worked in the field of downsizing for over a decade, I find it plain to see the rewards my clients enjoy:  increased safety and wellness, enriched living among new neighbours, more energy for hobbies and interest groups, as well as the benefits of less stress on the mind and body….and hence:  my work is rewarding!  

No two moves are alike and we can’t wait to hear about yours!  

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If you're looking for an informative and entertaining speaker for YOUR next community group, ask me about my presentation: "The Choreography of Right-Sizing".

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We would like to express our gratitude for everything you did for my elderly relative. With us living out of town, your service was invaluable, and it provided us with peace of mind that he was getting the care and attention he required. This is an amazing service delivered in a compassionate and professional manner that went above and beyond what we ever expected. Thank you so much.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Downsizing Diva, on behalf of my mother and myself, for the excellent service you provided. The move was well-planned and organized, and Downsizing Diva was a pleasure to deal with. I was particularly grateful for the care you showed in helping my mother through
every stage and detail of the move from the packing to the unpacking. You treated my mother as if she was your own.

I'm writing to share my delight in your services at Downsizing Diva. My dearly loved Aunt had just passed and I had been named Executor. Never having had this role before I was completely overwhelmed with the hundreds of tasks ahead of me amid my grief, dealing with her house chiefly among them. She had always lived alone but in the last ten years struggled to care for it and was far too proud to accept help. The house had a basement, closets, drawers, cupboards and patios stuffed with forgotten items, and most of them were not treasures. It had to be emptied and quickly. My broker recommended Gerine and from the first meeting she approached the challenge with confidence, presented the options, asked all the right questions and laid out a plan. She kept in touch about the schedule and coordinated every little detail leaving very little that I needed to do in the process. With a demanding 50 hour week job I didn't have time to come into the city regularly to address the house. Gerine was lovely to work with, cost effective and expedient. I'll be delighted to work with her when I need to empty my house for a big move. I highly recommend her and invite prospective clients to call for a detailed reference. Wishing you great success, Gerine!

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