Are you struggling to help someone move to a new home or transition to long-term care?
We know you can’t always be there to take care of all the details of an upcoming move.

Our expert Divas can take the pressure off you and your family by helping you to navigate this life transition. You will have the joy of spending meaningful time with your family member or friend, instead of stressing over all the details of their upcoming move.

It can be challenging to help a loved one move while you are busy dealing with the day-to-day activities of your own life.
Everyone deserves someone to help them with each step of the downsizing, moving and settling-in process.

Your Diva will make sure the special person in your life has the best advice and guidance throughout their move.

Selecting what to take to a new home is a task to be approached with a clear plan, lots of patience and a sense of humour. Downsizing Diva has been helping older adults move for over 20 years; their objectivity helps move project proceed smoothly, with few regrets.

When your Diva helps your family member or friend move from their home to a condo, retirement residence or care community, you will still be on speaking terms with them when they arrive at their new home!


Your Diva will help bring peace of mind from start-to-finish.

The decision to move after years of living in the same house can be accompanied by feelings of fear and frustration. Your Diva’s caring and compassionate approach helps you and your loved one during this time of transition.

Your Diva will take care of all the details:

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Looking for a magic wand to make a dignified, effortless transition?
Your Diva can help every step of the way.

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